Public Safety Dispatcher I Job in Berkeley, CA - City of Berkeley | (2023)

The Position

The City of Berkeley Police Department has an exciting opportunity, and is currently accepting applications for Public Safety Dispatcher I. This is a trainee position - learn to receive 911 system emergency and non-emergency calls, dispatch assignments according to police and fire procedures, operate various dispatch center equipment including computer terminals, maintain records, and perform other related work as assigned.

Typical Duties Include:

* Answers 911 emergency and non-emergency calls, and a variety of other public safety telephone and radio communications;
* Obtains essential information from reporting parties about the nature of the emergency and enters all calls for service;
* Responds to inquiries by obtaining information from various government agency databases; enters control codes and searches files to research and provide information;
* Assesses all incoming calls for both police and fire service to determine the nature of the incident and the appropriate call for service type; enters details of the calls into a Computer Aided Dispatch system to create the call for service to be dispatched by either the police or fire control dispatcher;
* Assesses pending calls for service; determines available and appropriate police and/or fire resources; dispatches police and/or fire resources via two-way radio and/or telephone, and updates information related to the incident in the Computer Aided Dispatch system;
* Monitors and controls all public safety radio traffic; monitors radio channels to ensure the safety of personnel in the field; maintains awareness of location and verifies status of public safety and other specified City traffic personnel;
* Prepares broadcasts of critical police emergency calls and general information bulletins via radio and other electronic platforms;
* Records and monitors status changes and narrative updates related to all calls for service, such as time of assignment, en route time, arrival, clearance, and other related information for each emergency and non-emergency event;
* Utilizes telecommunications devices for the deaf (TDD), including Text to 911 technology, to communicate with hearing-impaired citizens calling for service;
* Dispatches assignments for other City resources as assigned;
* Alerts other agencies and coordinates mutual response radio traffic;
* May refer calls to other resources including other City departments, and governmental and private agencies;
* May issue case numbers to citizens who report incidents; and
* May be required to manually process calls for service using applicable dispatch procedures.

Application deadline to qualify for writtenDate of written examFebruary 13, 2023, at 5:00 pmMarch 4, 2023

April 17, 2023, at 5:00 pmMay 13, 2023Applicants with a Typing test and a T-score from the Peace Officer Standards and Training Dispatcher Test can submit an application any time. Once your application and typing test has been submitted, you will be contacted to schedule an oral board interview.

NOTE: All applicants must complete a Personal History Statement (PHS). All Personal History Statements are due at the time of your oral board interview. You can download the PHS at: [ Link removed ] - Click here to apply to Public Safety Dispatcher I and download form 2-255 Personal History Statement - Public Safety Dispatcher.

Required Qualifications


Equivalent to graduation from high school.

(Video) Becoming A Police Dispatcher | Berkeley Police Department



Equivalent of one (1) year full-time experience requiring independent decision-making and a high level of public contact. A Peace Officer Standards and Training Basic Dispatch certificate may be substituted for six (6) months of the required experience.



* Must possess a typing certificate verifying the ability to accurately type a minimum of 35 wpm on a 5-minute typing test. Certification may be from a recognized business school, an employment or temporary agency, and must be dated within the past twelve (12) months from the application filing date. No online certificates will be accepted. Due to COVID-19 and for the safety of our applicants, we will accept online typing certificates.
* Must be able to pass a psychiatric evaluation.
* Must be willing to work evening, night, weekend, and holiday shifts.
* Must be able to travel to various locations within and outside the City of Berkeley to meet program needs and to fulfill the job responsibilities. When driving on City business, the incumbent is required to maintain a valid California driver's license as well as a satisfactory driving record.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of:

* General public safety radio and telephone communications systems;
* Police and fire emergency procedures; and
* Primary roads, streets, highways, major buildings, and public facilities within the City's boundaries.

Ability to:

(Video) City of Berkeley Police Review Com 9/3/19 PROBATION & PAROLE SEARCHES SUB COM by Christine Schwartz

* Remain calm and make rapid and sound independent judgments in emergency situations;
* Communicate tactfully and effectively with the public and public safety first responders; obtain information from individuals in emergency situations, including those who are emotionally distraught, angry, or difficult to understand;
* Assess multiple priorities and organize workload; analyze situations quickly and accurately, while taking effective action for public safety;
* Operate complex radio, telephone, and various computer systems with proficiency;
* View multiple video display terminals for extended periods of time in variable light conditions; distinguish and interpret the meaning of colors on video display terminals;
* Maintain appropriate documentation of events, details, and conversations;
* Follow oral and written instructions;
* Perform work with a high standard of customer service, professional conduct, and civic responsibility;
* Work in a team-based environment and achieve common goals; establish and maintain tactful, courteous, and effective working relationships;
* Work in a highly structured environment where all communications are recorded or documented and reviewed as public record; work in a confined area, wearing a headset; work continuously or with interruptions as required; stand or sit for extended periods of time;
* Learn and memorize City dispatching codes, criminal and traffic codes, policies and procedures, names, locations, and other detailed information;
* Read and interpret street maps and location information; and
* Perform routine clerical and record-keeping duties.

Application Process

Applicants must submit the following:

* TYPING CERTIFICATE (Certification must be a minimum of 35 wpm and may be from a recognized business school, an employment or temporary agency, or online certification and must be dated within the past twelve (12) months from the application filing date.

All materials must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. P.S.T. on the filing date. Postmarks, faxes and incomplete applications will not be accepted. Your application and responses to the supplemental questions must be filled out completely. Resumes may also be submitted but are not a substitute for a completed application.Saturday, March 4, 2023 (Applications are due: February 13 at 5pm). Saturday, May 13, 2023, (Applications are due: April 17, 2023)

Current Agency Administering Typing Tests

You may secure a typing certificate from the agency listed below or other agencies not on this list that meet the requirements mentioned above. Please note that these agencies are independent organizations and are not affiliated with the City of Berkeley.

Chartwell Staffing Solutions

Oliver Road, Suite 280

Fairfield, CA 94533

(Video) Facility Tour: 911 Call Center & Emergency Operations Center


(707) 425-7200

By appointment only

The examination process will consist of:

* Review of applications for minimum qualifications for the position and to ensure all materials have been submitted.
* Written Examination - Applicants possessing these requirements will be invited to take the P.O.S.T. Entry-Level Dispatcher Test,. The examination will cover elements of the knowledge and abilities identified in this announcement.
* If you have previously taken the P.O.S.T. Entry-Level Dispatcher Test written test within one year of the application filing date, and have received a total T-score of at least 48, you can attach your results on agency letterhead to your application and you are not required to participate in the City of Berkeley's written test.
* If you have previously taken the P.O.S.T. Entry-Level Dispatcher Test exam and would like to retest with the City of Berkeley you must wait 30 calendar days before being eligible to take the test again.

City of Berkeley P.O.S.T. Entry-Level Dispatcher Test Written Examination Dates to be determined on the as needed basis.

Eligible List and Background Evaluation

Names of those passing the examination will be placed on an employment eligible list that will be used to fill vacant positions. Candidates being considered for employment will undergo a thorough background investigation, including, but not limited to prior work history, education and criminal activity.

Final Selection

Those who are selected for hire after the background will receive an employment offer conditioned upon favorable medical and psychological evaluations.

(Video) Caliber Public Safety - First Alert

DISCLAIMER: The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute a contract, expressed or implied, and any provisions contained in this bulletin may be modified or revoked without notice. Tests may consist of any combination of written, oral or other exercises or assessment procedures that test content. Components may include, but are not necessarily limited to, typing, math, reading, writing and analytical skills; problem solving ability; computer and software proficiency, or any other job-related knowledge, skill, ability or qualification. The City may, without notice, change or eliminate any particular assessment component or combination of components as needs dictate.

All City employees are required to provide services as Disaster Service Workers in the event of an emergency / disaster.

Exam Access Accommodation: In compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations, the City of Berkeley will employ and promote qualified individuals without regard to disability. The City is committed to making reasonable accommodations in the examination process and in the work environment. Individuals requesting reasonable accommodations in the examination process must do so no later than the final filing date for receipt of applications, otherwise it may not be possible to arrange accommodations for the selection process. Such requests should be addressed to the Department of Human Resources |

(510) 981-6800

| [ Email address blocked ] - Click here to apply to Public Safety Dispatcher I | 2180 Milvia Street, 1st Floor, Berkeley CA 94704.

Alternative Application Formats: This application material is available in alternative formats upon request. Alternative formats include audio-format, braille, large print, electronic text, etc. Please contact the ADA Coordinator, 2180 Milvia Street, Berkeley | Phone:

(510) 981-6300

| TTY:

(510) 981-6347

| [ Email address blocked ] - Click here to apply to Public Safety Dispatcher I and allow 7-10 days for production of the material in an alternative format.

(Video) Join Sac PD: Dispatch Recruiting Video

The City of Berkeley is an EEO/ADA Employer.

Recommended Skills

  • Analytical
  • Computer Terminals
  • Courtesy
  • Customer Service
  • Databases
  • Decision Making


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