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A Lot or a Little?

What you will—and won't—find in this TV show.

  • Positive Messages

    a little

    While the show wasn't out to teach any overtly positive messages, it has a warm nature and generally upbeat portrayal of friendship and marriage. That said, it's a product of its time, and there's definitely some material that wouldn't be considered PC today.

  • Positive Role Models

    a little

    Lucy can be insecure and whiny, but she can also be creative and resourceful. Not surprisingly for the show's vintage, there's some stereotyping (based both on gender and race). But the Ricardos' mixed-race marriage was groundbreaking for 1950s TV.

  • Violence & Scariness

    very little

    Slapstick stuff -- poking behinds, bonking heads, etc.

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  • Sex, Romance & Nudity


    None. They couldn't even say the word "pregnant." Lucy does vamp it up and use her "wiles" on Ricky from time to time, but it's all totally innocent.

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  • Products & Purchases


    Early episodes were sponsored by a tobacco company, but references to this are no longer shown.

  • Drinking, Drugs & Smoking

    a little

    Smoking in some rarely seen episodes. Some drinking for comic effect or in the background. Lucy gets quite tipsy in the memorable Vegameatavitamin episode.

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  • Parents Need to Know

    Parents need to know that I Love Lucy is a still-hilarious (and ubiquitous) 1950s comedy classic that is entirely tame by contemporary standards, though some episodes do show the characters smoking or drinking. In one famous episode, Lucy gets more and more drunk as she films a commercial for Vegameatavitamin, showing alcohol consumption in a funny light. Also, old-fashioned family stereotypes (like the clueless housewife and the patronizing husband) form the basis of the show's narrative structure, and some racial stereotyping occurs, with Ricky's Cuban accent often becoming the butt of jokes.

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I Love Lucy

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M. T. Adult

September 23, 2020

age 2+

I love Lucy... I realy do!:)

I love Lucy, I really do! I Love Lucy is one of the oldest series which began in the 1950’s. They are mostly in black and white, but the story line is so skillfully developed, you won't miss it not being in color. You have probably watched the re-runs for years, a comedy story of the life of Lucy and Desi and their struggles and friendships, and the ways they fill their time, the jobs they have, the roles they play in a typical family household of that period. The episodes were geared for families to watch together, so we see a good balance of family-friendly themes which children or adults would find enjoyable. I think Christian families would especially enjoy the series, because of the values portrayed. One theme that occurs on occasion, however, is the husband/wife jealousy topic which is not really anything to laugh about. Lucy does occasionally lie in the show, and then tries to justify it, which to me shows another very human aspect of the movie, it shows our concupiscence, and need for approval. Lucy was the first television series to show a pregnant mother on television, as it was highly questionable at the time. I believe this was a very good thing to be shown on television, showing all aspects and members and the beauty of a family. This emphasizes human dignity, in that it shows each person’s role, the importance of it, and of family life, and of friendships that honor the dignity of the human person, unlike many shows today. It shows excellent values and the importance of family life , projecting a positive attitude with the virtues of traditional values such as being a stay at home mom, the value of all workers in the workforce, such as Desi, whose career as a singer and bandleader was worthy of respect. There was a brief moment in an episode where the parents are teaching their child to pray. I would have enjoyed the program more, had they made faith more of a priority in the family life. We see in one episode when Lucy was having a baby; the love and care between Lucy and her husband, their expressions revealed truth over the concern and nervousness in awaiting a new chapter in their life, and the minor struggles they faced personally and yet together. Showing the realism of average families with the touch of comedy inspires people to enjoy family life which God created as one of the most fulfilling of experiences. He is the author of love and life, and surely wants our families to be joyful and full of purpose! We can all relate to the Lucy series because the show is forever motivated by and relevant to our experiences. Families over time share many of the same experiences: birthday parties, meeting new friends, cooking at home, switching jobs, babysitting, vacations, buying a car, or pursuing talents and interests. When I am tired and don't want to concentrate, I enjoy this show so much because it is light-hearted, heart-warming, and is just plain fun to watch.

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Great messages

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Jbrolemotole Adult

August 11, 2020

age 4+

Good but one time

So it is a good show but one episode Lucy and her husband had sex

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Great role models

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What's the Story?

As Lucy Ricardo in I LOVE LUCY, Lucille Ball charms audiences with her clownish pranks and vaudevillian charades, She stars alongside her real-life husband, Desi Arnaz, who plays Lucy's husband, Cuban bandleader Ricky Ricardo. In a running theme of the series, Lucy tries all manner of disguises and tricks to gain a part in Ricky's nightclub show. William Frawley and Vivian Vance co-star as their neighbors, Fred and Ethel Mertz, who are often recruited into Lucy's many schemes. In one classic episode, Lucy and Ethel get jobs on the assembly line at a candy factory. But as the conveyor belt moves faster and faster, the duo can't keep up. So Lucy pops passing candies into her mouth as fast as she can -- and hilarity ensues.

Is It Any Good?

Our review:

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Kids say (44):

Despite its dated references and old-fashioned family dynamics, this show remains hilariously entertaining. Lucille Ball was one of the greatest comic actors of all time and so her physical comedy is timeless. Her antics in this pioneering show have made I Love Lucy one of the top sitcoms in TV history. If younger viewers can get past the black-and-white presentation, even the littlest kids will enjoy her goofy faces and silly mishaps.

Talk to Your Kids About ...

  • Families can talk about the difference between families in the 1950s and today. What do kids notice was different in the '50s, as demonstrated by I Love Lucy?

  • How have things changed for the better (or the worse)? Specifically, how have the roles of women and minorities changed? What changes have parents been most affected by?

  • What makes Lucille Ball so funny?

  • How do the characters on I Love Lucy demonstrate self-control? Why is this an important character strength?

TV Details

  • Premiere date: October 15, 1951
  • Cast: Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance
  • Networks: Syndicated, TV Land
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Topics: Friendship
  • Character Strengths: Self-control
  • TV rating: TV-G
  • Last updated: February 19, 2023

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I Love Lucy

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