air fryer keeps tripping breaker (2023)

Do you have an air fryer that constantly trips the breaker? This can be a frustrating problem, especially if you love your air fryer and use it frequently. In this article, we will take a comprehensive look at the causes of air fryers tripping breakers and the steps you can take to prevent this issue from happening.

Understanding the Basics of Air Fryers

Before we dive into the causes of air fryers tripping breakers, it's important to understand the basics of how these appliances work. Air fryers use high-speed hot air circulation to cook food quickly and efficiently. The hot air is generated by a heating element, and a fan circulates the air around the food. This results in food that is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, without the need for a lot of oil or fat.

One of the benefits of using an air fryer is that it can cook a variety of foods, from chicken wings to vegetables to desserts. Many air fryers also come with pre-set cooking programs, making it easy to cook different types of food with just the touch of a button. Additionally, air fryers are often easier to clean than traditional deep fryers, as they don't require large amounts of oil and grease.

However, it's important to note that air fryers can vary in size and capacity, so it's important to choose one that fits your needs. Some air fryers may not be large enough to cook a full meal for a family, while others may be too large for a single person or small household. It's also important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and maintenance, to ensure that your air fryer operates safely and efficiently.

How Do Air Fryers Work?

When you plug in your air fryer and turn it on, the heating element will heat up the air inside the appliance. The fan will then circulate this hot air around the food, cooking it evenly on all sides. Most air fryers come with a temperature control mechanism that allows you to adjust the temperature according to your food type and preference.

One of the benefits of using an air fryer is that it can cook food with little to no oil, making it a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods. The hot air circulating around the food creates a crispy outer layer, similar to the texture achieved through deep frying, but without the added oil. Additionally, air fryers are versatile appliances that can be used to cook a variety of foods, from chicken wings to vegetables to desserts.

Causes of Air Fryer Tripping Breaker

There are several reasons why an air fryer might trip the breaker. The most common reason is overloading the circuit, which we will discuss in detail below. Other possible reasons include a faulty electrical system, a damaged heating element, or a malfunctioning fan.

Another reason why an air fryer might trip the breaker is due to a power surge. Power surges can occur when there is a sudden increase in the electrical current flowing through the circuit. This can happen due to lightning strikes, power outages, or even when large appliances are turned on or off. If your air fryer is connected to a circuit that is prone to power surges, it may trip the breaker as a safety measure to prevent damage to the appliance or the electrical system.

Overloading Circuit: The Main Culprit behind the Air Fryer Tripping Breaker

One of the most common reasons why air fryers trip breakers is because they overload the circuit. This typically happens when you plug in too many appliances or devices into the same electrical circuit. When the circuit becomes overloaded, the breaker will trip as a safety mechanism to prevent an electrical fire.

It is important to note that the age and condition of your home's electrical system can also contribute to circuit overloading. If your home has outdated wiring or a low electrical capacity, it may not be able to handle the demands of modern appliances like air fryers. In these cases, it may be necessary to upgrade your electrical system to prevent circuit overloading and ensure the safety of your home.

Is Your Circuit Breaker Adequate for Your Air Fryer's Power Consumption?

Another reason why your air fryer might be tripping the breaker is because your circuit breaker is inadequate for your air fryer's power consumption. Air fryers typically require a lot of power to operate, especially when they are heating up. If your circuit breaker is not designed to handle the amount of power your air fryer requires, it will trip the breaker.

It is important to check the amperage rating of your circuit breaker before using your air fryer. Most air fryers require a circuit breaker with a rating of at least 15 amps. If your circuit breaker has a lower rating, it may not be able to handle the power requirements of your air fryer and could cause it to trip.

In addition, if you have other appliances or electronics connected to the same circuit as your air fryer, it could also cause the breaker to trip. To avoid this, try plugging your air fryer into a dedicated circuit with no other devices connected to it. This will ensure that your air fryer has enough power to operate without tripping the breaker.

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Air Fryer Tripping Breaker Issue

If your air fryer is tripping the breaker, there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue. First, try plugging it into a different outlet to see if the breaker still trips. If it does, then it's likely an issue with the air fryer itself. You can also unplug all other appliances from the same circuit to see if that resolves the problem.

If neither of those steps work, it's possible that the circuit breaker is overloaded and needs to be replaced. You can check this by turning off all the appliances on the same circuit and then turning on the air fryer. If the breaker still trips, then it's time to call an electrician to replace the breaker.

Another possible cause of the air fryer tripping the breaker is a faulty heating element. If this is the case, you will need to replace the heating element. You can do this yourself if you are comfortable with electrical work, or you can take it to a professional to have it replaced.

How to Reset the Circuit Breaker after an Air Fryer Trip?

If your air fryer trips the breaker, you will need to reset the breaker to restore power. To do this, locate your electrical panel and find the breaker that has tripped. Switch it off, then switch it back on again. If the breaker trips again immediately, then there may be a more significant issue at play, and you should call an electrician.

It is important to note that air fryers can draw a significant amount of power, especially if they are used frequently. If you find that your air fryer is tripping the breaker frequently, you may need to consider upgrading your electrical system to handle the load. This could involve installing a dedicated circuit for your air fryer or upgrading your electrical panel altogether.

Another common cause of air fryer trips is using an extension cord or power strip to plug in the appliance. These devices are not designed to handle the high power draw of an air fryer and can cause the breaker to trip. To avoid this issue, always plug your air fryer directly into a wall outlet and avoid using extension cords or power strips.

When to Call a Professional Electrician for Help with Your Air Fryer?

If you have tried troubleshooting your air fryer and cannot find a solution to the breaker trips issue, it's best to call a professional electrician. An electrician will be able to perform an electrical safety inspection and diagnose the issue. They can also help you upgrade your electrical system to better handle your air fryer's power consumption, if necessary.

Preventing Future Air Fryer Breaker Trips - A Comprehensive Guide

If you want to prevent future air fryer breaker trips, there are several proactive steps you can take. First, make sure you are plugging your air fryer into a dedicated circuit with an appropriate amp rating. Avoid plugging it into the same circuit as other high-power appliances, such as a microwave or toaster oven. Also, make sure your air fryer's electrical cord and plug are in good condition and not damaged.

Upgrading and Replacing Electrical System to Avoid Frequent Breaker Trips caused by an Air Fryer

If you find that your air fryer is frequently tripping the breaker, you may need to upgrade your electrical system to handle the power consumption better. This might include installing a dedicated, appropriately rated circuit for your air fryer, upgrading your electrical panel to handle more power, or even rewiring your kitchen altogether.

Conclusion: Keeping Your Air Fryer Safe and Functional

Your air fryer is a versatile appliance that can help you cook delicious, healthy meals quickly and easily. However, it can also be a safety hazard if you don't take proper precautions. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can keep your air fryer functional and safe, preventing unwanted breaker trips and other electrical issues.


Why does my air fryer keep tripping my circuit breaker? ›

An air fryer can trip a breaker due to power surges, overloading the circuit, a defective air fryer, or a faulty circuit breaker.

Does an air fryer have a circuit breaker? ›

An air fryer is an increasingly popular kitchen appliance. However, many new owners of this appliance find that they trip their circuit breaker when they use it. If this is happening to you, there are reasons for this mishap – and more importantly, there is something you can do to stop it from happening.

Can you plug an air fryer into a normal outlet? ›

The answer is yes, you can plug an air fryer into a standard outlet. Air fryers have the same electrical requirements as most other small kitchen appliances and standard outlets are designed to handle those requirements.

How do I stop my breaker from tripping? ›

Circuit overload is a common reason for circuit breakers tripping, and you can prevent it from happening by simply running fewer appliances at the same time on that specific circuit. The best long-term solution, however, is to have an electrician update your home's wiring to add additional circuits.

What size breaker do I need for air fryer? ›

It will help you decide what size of breaker you need and what size and type of wire you should use. And usually, air fryers will need between 6 amps and 15 amps on average, depending on the wattage of your unit.

How do I find out what is tripping my circuit breaker? ›

To help determine what caused the problem, unplug all the items on the circuit before resetting the breaker. After it's reset and rested for a few minutes, turn on or plugin items, one at a time, to determine what may have caused the overload.

What is the common problem of air fryer? ›

  • Air fryers are difficult to clean. ...
  • Air fryers are more expensive than deep fryers. ...
  • Air fryers have longer cooking times compared to conventional deep fryer. ...
  • Air fryers are too small for larger families. ...
  • Burnt, dried and failed air fryer dishes. ...
  • Air fryers can be loud and noisy. ...
  • Air fryers require space and are bulky.
Aug 5, 2020

Should you keep your air fryer unplugged? ›

Just like a Crock-Pot, never leave an air fryer plugged in. It is always wise to unplug an air fryer in case you accidentally leave it on.

Can you run an air fryer on a surge protector? ›

Use a Surge Protector: Consider using a surge protector with your air fryer to protect it from power surges. This can help prevent the appliance from overheating and malfunctioning.

Where should you not put air fryer? ›

The placement of your air fryer in your kitchen can greatly affect its efficiency and safety.
  1. Make sure to keep it away from any water sources. ...
  2. It also shouldn't be near a stovetop or oven, as the heat can potentially damage the appliance.

How much electricity does an air fryer use when plugged in? ›

On average, an air fryer will use about 3-5 kWh of electricity per hour of use. This means that if you use your air fryer for an hour each day, you can expect it to add about $0.30-$0.50 to your monthly electric bill.

Can a breaker be bad if it keeps tripping? ›

That means it is successfully protecting your appliances from a damaging electric fault or hazard. However, if your breaker keeps tripping every time you use an electronic device, it can be one of the signs of a bad breaker. In that case, you need to repair or replace your circuit breaker.

Could it be bad if a breaker keeps tripping? ›

Don't ignore a circuit breaker that keeps tripping. This is a sign that one of your circuits is getting overloaded on a regular basis. Your circuits are only able to handle up to a certain level of voltage. Beyond this voltage, you run the risk of starting an electrical fire.

Why is my breaker tripping so often? ›

When a circuit breaker regularly trips or a fuse repeatedly blows, it is a sign that you are making excessive demands on the circuit and need to move some appliances and devices to other circuits. Or, it may indicate that your house has too few circuits and is in need of a service upgrade.

What is the 25 rule for air fryer? ›

To convert baking time to an air fryer, reduce the temperature by 25 degrees F and reduce the cooking time by 20%. These are general rules, so you'll want to keep an eye on your food (at least the first time you try out a new recipe) to make sure that it's cooking correctly.

What is the general rule for air fryer? ›

When taking a recipe from oven to air fryer, the general rule is to reduce the temperature by 20ºC – 30ºC, and cook for 20% less time.

How many amps does Ninja XL air fryer draw? ›

Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Oven
Cord Length91.44 cm
Product Dimensions (cm)43.41 cm L x 51.36 cm W x 33.88 cm H
ColorStainless Steel
Voltage120 volts
Amperage15 amps
3 more rows

How many times can a breaker trip? ›

An electrician is coming to replace the cutoff (containing fuses) with a simple lever cutoff. In discussing this he said that a circuit breaker should not be allowed to trip more than 4 or 5 times before being replaced.

Can you put foil in air fryer? ›

However, it's pretty tempting to throw a little foil in there to catch any drips and make clean-up even easier, but is that allowed? The short answer is yes, you can put aluminum foil in the air fryer.

Should I stand my air fryer on something? ›

Your air fryer should always be kept on a level, heat-resistant countertop and in order for the exhaust vent to operate properly, allow five inches of space behind the air fryer at all times.

Can I leave air fryer on and leave the house? ›

So you can leave it unattended in the sense that you get on with other things while it's doing its thing, but you can't leave it unattended in the full, true sense of that meaning because it is an appliance, switched on, and and all small kitchen appliances in operation always need a human being to watch over them.

How long do air fryers last? ›

An air fryer typically lasts 2 to 3 years before you need to replace it with a new one. It is still an excellent option for healthy eating and people that wish to stay fit. It's a newer and innovative device that lets users whip up all sorts of assorted dishes without surpassing their caloric deficit.

Is turning off a power strip the same as unplugging it? ›

Surge protector power strips typically have such switches and help protect your appliances and electronics If you plug all of your products into a power strip and flip off the power strip when these items are not in use, they are truly off. Unplug Your Products.

Can I use an extension cable with an air fryer? ›

The air fryer will need to be plugged in to be used, you should plug it directly into the power socket and avoid using any extension cords. Extension cords can dip in power, which can cause faults in your air fryer.

What appliances should be plugged into a surge protector? ›

Be sure to plug in these 10 types of items into a surge-protected outlet.
  • Laptops and Computers. Many people work from home or take online classes. ...
  • Gaming Systems. ...
  • Televisions. ...
  • Medical Equipment. ...
  • Routers and Modems. ...
  • Office Equipment. ...
  • Smart Phones. ...
  • Smart Small Appliances.
Jul 19, 2022

Why don t chefs use air fryers? ›

At their core, air fryers are essentially smaller-sized convection ovens. For this reason, commercial businesses don't benefit from them. Convection ovens may find uses in the food industry for certain items but have many limitations for broader service menus.

How far away from the wall should an air fryer be? ›

Air fryers have air vents to release heat. The air vents need ample space to release the heat, and if you put too close to a surface, say your wall, you risk a fire hazard. Allow up to five inches of clearance around your air fryer to give enough airflow.

How many amps does an air fryer pull? ›

10 amps. Don't run the AC and this at the same time and you'll be fine!

Does air fryer use more electricity than microwave? ›

The microwave is cheaper to run – so if you are only looking to use an appliance solely based on costs, then a microwave will help keep those energy bills as low as possible for cooking. Some people have both because of the different uses that they have – so you may decide to opt for the air-fryer for some uses.

Is it cheaper to use air fryer or oven? ›

Air fryers are an energy efficient and economical way to quickly cook smaller quantities of food. They are cheaper and quicker to use than an oven, but may not be the best option for large families or batch cookers because of their limited capacity.

Can a short fry a circuit breaker? ›

An electrical short, overload and ground fault can all damage a circuit breaker. Circuit breakers are designed to fail off. However, there is a slight chance they can fail without tripping, leading to further electrical damage to the breaker box or the appliances in your home.

Why does my trip switch keep tripping? ›

Reasons a safety switch may be tripping

Rain damage caused by heavy falls (make sure you call an electrician for this one) Thunder, lightning and electrical storms can trigger RCD sensors (this usually resolves itself) Damaged wiring (worn out over time) Nuisance tripping (when too many appliances are running at once)

Why does my power keep tripping? ›

The most familiar reason for a breaker tripping is circuit overloading. This happens when you have too much equipment loaded onto the breaker, and the safety limit of power supply to your appliances is surpassed.

Why does my power keep going on and off without tripping the breaker? ›

If it doesn't trip immediately but trips later when your devices power up, it means that you have an overloaded circuit. An overloaded circuit happens when you pull more amps than your electrical system can handle.


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